The Aero – space technology transfer office for crisis management and disaster resilience was formed in November 2007 with the finalizing of the project “Creating TTO in Bulgarian Universities and in the native scientific organizations” (PHARE program). The Office was created as a part of the Bulgarian academy of science.

During the year 2012, the common efforts of the Space research and technology institute and the Center for National security and defense research, both part of the Bulgarian academy of science, were aiming to develop a strong connection between science and business and institutions which developed the idea of starting a new project. The project is part of the European fund of Regional Development, operational program Competitiveness. Its main goal is to develop the necessary skills in the young Bulgarian scientists of the scientific and academic institutions, in the field of aero-space technologies, disaster management and analysis.

As a result of the project, its main aims are to develop an effective implementation of the aero-space technologies in the market, as well as generating benefits for the scientific organizations, society, business and institutions. Based on the concept of a comprehensive approach our Office aims to promote, facilitate and apply knowledge and technologies through network of Technology transfer offices.