Earth observation

Image Quality and Enhancement

  • Contrast, Brightness, ICA Sharpening and Haze controls
  • Dynamic Range Adjustment
  • ICA Tonal Transfer Curves, Bicubic & Lagrange Resampling
  • Dual head support Stereo viewing

3D Terrain Visualization

  • Use LIDAR data as an elevation source
  • View terrain draped over elevation data in 3D
  • Elevation and volume calculation
  • Real-time interactive 3D navigation
  • Ground path and flight path creation
  • Capture flight path as AVI video file
  • Stereo support
  • 2D Slope visualization tool
  • 2D Colorized elevation
  • 2D Field of View
  • 2D Landing zone Tool for aerial vehicle landing sites

Image Mosaic and Search

  • Automatic Mosaic creation
  • Virtual mosaic
  • Map Projected, processed Mosaics
  • Virtual Mosaic Editor
  • Broad Area Searching
  • Directed Area Searching
  • Geo-jump location finding
  • Overview window

Multi-Spectral Analysis

  • Multispectral Classification Wizard
  • Supervised classification
  • Import training sets from vector files
  • Unsupervised classification
  • Thresholding, Multiple-rules
  • Signature editor
  • Statistics, Histograms
  • Image Calculator NDVI, TSI, Tasseled Cap
  • Edge Detection, Filtering

Change detection

  • Side-by-side comparison
  • Color multiview
  • Flicker Colorized difference
  • Blend

Multi-Band Analysis Display (MAD)

  • Simultaneaous display of up to 16 band combinations
  • Syncronized / Individual planning and histogram adjustment
  • Configurable band combinations, band formula and grid layout
  • Image histogram manipualtion

Technology transfer office RISK–SPACE-TRANSFER, is registered JV between two organisations of BAS



This site was created within project grantee BG161PO003-1.2.02-0016, “Strengthening and expanding the aerospace technology transfer office for crisis management and disaster resilience”, operational programme “Development of the competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy 2007-2013” – financed by the European Fund for Regional Development.