Galileo Masters 2021 Prize Bulgaria Winner


DronID - Prize Bulgaria Winner 

On December 14th, at the Space Pitches and Awards 2021 of the international innovation competitions Copernicus & Galileo Masters 2021, the Bulgarian team “DronID” won the Galileo Prize Bulgaria, provided by the Office for aero-space technology transfer “RISK-SPACE-TRANSFER” with their idea for a new kind of drone-transponders for Air Traffic Management of drone operations. The members of the team are Stefan Hristozov, Kalin Stoyanov, Ivan Chamov, and Nadia Vasileva.

DronID is a device that acts as a “beacon” for drones so they can be identified and tracked in accordance with the upcoming standards and regulations. The device propagates this information either via long-range Bluetooth notifications, Wi-Fi implementation notifications based on the Neighbour Awareness Network protocol, or network access via 4G/5G mobile networks. DronID will send both static information (like the registration of the drone operator) and dynamic data messages (e.g., the changing GNSS coordinates of the drone) and conveniently broadcast dynamic data more frequently than static data.



Technology transfer office RISK–SPACE-TRANSFER, is registered JV between two organisations of BAS



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