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National Research Programme "Smart Crop Production"


The National Research Programme "Smart Crop Production" is funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Bulgaria".

The main goal of the programme is the implementation of fundamental and applied research for the development of models for robotic technologies, digital methods for diagnosis and forecasting, as well as models for digital management of crop production farms to ensure a sustainable and efficient food system.

Specific objectives:

1) Targeted fundamental research - exploring the possibilities and developing models for the use of robotic technologies, satellite images and digital methods for diagnosis, forecasting and management of the production of high quality crop production without negative effects on the climate and the environment

2) Applied research - related to the introduction of digital technologies in farms specializing in the production of arable crops, industrial crops, essential oilseeds, fruits and vegetables

3) Dissemination of the results from the implemented research

4) Transfer of knowledge to the relevant governmental bodies (development of scientifically based strategies and programs for sustainable management)

5) Stimulation of the multidisciplinary partnership between research teams and business partners with different scientific orientations.

The activities under the program are divided into 4 components:

  1. Component 1 - Digital IoT and robotic technologies for the production of plant products. Development of infrastructure for smart crop production
  2. Component 2 - Diagnostics and forecast through Artificial Intelligence
  3. Component 3 - Smart system for management of agricultural processes 
  4. Component 4 - Artificial Intelligence and digital technologies

Component 2 contains three Work Packages: WP 2.1 - Plant and soil diagnostics and forecast, WP 2.2 - “Use of Earth Observation” and WP 2.3 - “Use of data from specialized phenomical platforms for plant selection with a set of valuable features to facilitate plant selection”. RST-TTO is responsible for the implementation of WP 2.2.

The goal of WP 2.2 is to study and apply the possible solutions and develop models for the usage of satellite images and digital methods for diagnostics, forecasting, and management of production crop quality. Carrying out the pilot projects for the sole purpose of space transfer technologies in agriculture for escalation of the relationship between science, education, business, public authorities, and society.

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